I was born in Tucson, Arizona and I received my undergraduate degree in Education from Northern Arizona University with a double major – Special Education and Physical Education. Shortly after I started teaching in the public schools I met a remarkable woman who steered me in another direction: Orientation and Mobility Specialist. Orientation and Mobility Specialists teach blind children and adults how to travel, either with a dog-guide or a long cane. Terribly excited, I returned to school and earned my Master’s Degree from Cal-State L.A. For the next 30 years I taught the blind to travel, shop and get around. I also worked as a Special Education Teacher in the public schools for about 10 years. In that forty year time span I raised four loving children – a set of triplets and their older brother only 16 months older. I tell ya what I know: life is not like a box of chocolates. It’s an entire personalized course in Personal Development! And I love teaching. So I’ve made it a practice to share what I’ve learned. I’ve taught parenting, drug education, because I lost my oldest child to drugs… no jokes here. I’ve taught motivational training’s, and classes on Moving Thru your Fears. Oh, and I’ve done presentations on the Attainment of Peace, and Talks on Forgiveness. One of my very favorite passions is teaching Life Skills to Young Adults. Oh and yeah, I’ve done more than my share of counseling. I’m really being the best me, when I’m sharing myself with others, so on my word, I’m deliriously delighted to be with you at this time and to be of service. I am honored to share you with you the Road to Peace and Forgiveness, so you can connect on a deeper level the joy that forgiveness brings.

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